Book Club anyone?


Hi all
I was just wondering if any of you fancy getting a book club together? I was on a US VA forum the other day and they were getting together a bookclub to discuss various VA publications. The first book they were going to discuss is ‘Get Clients Now’ by C J Hayden and I thought it might be a good idea if we do the same. Maybe it would be more appropriate to have it in the monthly SVA chat area. I’m not sure.
Any suggestions?


No time for reading just now. I’ve been going to bed (oo-er) with Donny Osmond for the past couple of months and STILL haven’t finished it. I’m usually so dead beat after a couple of pages I fall asleep.

That doesn’t sound right does it? Going to bed with Donny and falling asleep!!!



LOL! I love reading - mostly I devour complete trash though - it’s excellent! Business books are good too though - see under marketing for recommendations?


Hi Dianne,

I would be up for that although I am a manic reader (when I get the time) I must admit I can read a James Patterson or Dean Koontz in 48 hours but give me a business book and it may take me a week or two.

But I am up for it if you are.


A fellow Dean Koontz fan! Hello Charlotte.

I’ve read some business books as I felt I needed to, and think your idea is a good one Diane. Perhaps we could go one further and swap books? Perhaps too fraught with problems…

But it would certainly be good to hear what others think of books they’ve picked up and read and whether they’d recommend them and why. That way we wouldn’t have to depend on reviews at Amazon or elsewhere.

Sorry Marj, but I’d fall asleep with Donny. Now Mr Clooney, would be an entirely different story :blush:


I’m a bookworm too!

Charlotte I’m like you and can read a James Patterson novel in a weekend. I’ve recently read Cross Country and am just about to start 8th Confession.

Another favourite of mine is Catherine Alliott, very funny books. I’m always told off for laughing out loud when I read them.


Anybody see a sleepy Mr Clooney last night in ER on More 4? xxx


I’m saving that for tonight on 4OD Jackie!!! Hurrah - also the dishy Dr Carter (altho he is looking a bit worn out!!)

My fave book recently has been Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Really beautifully written and I ended up staying up half the night last weekend because I NEEDED to know what happened!


And from the current crop . . . the rather dishy Dr Gates does it for me, tho I do have a soft spot for Archie (Caroline, you may too, esp when you see 4OD tonight!)


Entirely in agreement there Jackie… Oh let’s be honest, they are all pretty dishy!!! :laughing:


I like th eidea of a book club but I’ve never read a business book in my life (sorry to admit this!) I have skimmed some though!

I’m not sure I would have the time, but if it were relatively short, ebook type things then I think it would be a great idea.

We could just discuss the trash ones I normally read though!


Hi Diane,
I am up for a book club! I was only thinking the other day how I would like to be involved in one. If you continue with the idea please count me in.

But does it have to be business books all the time? I find I am so busy with work that I actually need an excuse to switch off.



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