Bond and Miss Moneypenny


Was watching Spectre last night as I never got round to watching it in the cinema. I think the real issue with modern Bond films is that the technology today is so remote… if you set it in the modern day, why does James Bond not just control everything from his mobile phone? The gadgets intrigue us but these days a computer does it all.

However I was thinking about poor Ms Moneypenny - her boss works across multiple timezones and doesn’t appear to have mastered using Google on his phone yet to access any information instead requiring her to wake up and tell him stuff on a phonecall. So he can learn Japanese but not how to Google…

And then there’s the dry cleaning and personal tasks… you so know she gets asked to remove weeping clingy exes from his flat occasionally. And probably to do his Ocado shop. She most probably knows more about him than any living person - which really beggars the question: why hasn’t anyone kidnapped her yet?

I’m sure her diary reads very similarly to Bridget Jones “oh god so pathetic to be in love with my boss - must attempt to forget him and engage brain in healthier obsessions, I WILL join Sophia from Accounting’s book group! This month’s book is Tony Blair’s autobiography - will all have a good laugh about that and there’s a drinking game for the number of lies told. Ate too many Pret croissants this week, am going to apply for MOD cycle to work scheme.â€

Actually thinking about this, it’s entirely possible Blofeld and co have already got to Ms Moneypenny which is how they always escape or fall off a cliff rather than James Bond having to shoot them. She probably runs a protection racket complete with fake passports.

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