Hello everyone,
I’m just trying to get a bit of information on Blogs. As in do they go on your website? What do you put in them? Sorry bit behind the times on this?
I have my website up and running so now it’s a case of me sorting out the t and c’s etc but i’d like to start a blog as well as looking into marketing options ready for when I decide to take the plunge and set up.
Thanks again all.
Claire. x


You’re a step ahead of me there. I still haven’t started one as I keep stressing about who my audince is/should be, and what might interest them. … I know … I’m a twit :roll_eyes:

You can have a seperate site, just for your blogs, but it is better to have it on your website as an integral part of it. Not least as it helps with SEO (which you asked about before).

Hope that helps and well done for asking.

Anna :blush:


Good question:

This explains some of the usual pitfalls - the most common one is starting a blog all gungho, doing 10 posts in 2 weeks and then there’s a 4 month gap… It looks terrible and can really put off prospects who question if you are still in business. So whatever you do, make sure it’s consistent.

I usually advise people to practice for 6 months writing the blog according to whatever schedule you think is realistic for you - but don’t post them. Launch once you have a stash pre-written and then you can use them when you get a bit pushed for time!


Hey Caroline, this is amazing advice thank you so much. I didn’t even think of making the timing of the consistent and the initial feeling is to just go crazy so thank you. I’m going to practice for a while whilst I work on my website.

Thanks so much. Claire x


I always say no blog is better than an out of date one!


Another tip is to come up with a stash of ideas and topics, set up a schedule and then map out the next few months/a full year so you can work on topics at different times than they’re needed.

Monday - tip
Friday - round up

Then you’ll know what type of post you’re writing which can be half the struggle.

If you search for blog calendar you’ll find loads of ideas.

Don’t forget that you can back date posts too - so if you realise you’ve not written in four months you can put together a couple of light posts and back date to fill in those gaps.


Thank you Wendrie, I’ve been practising writing blogs about my dog would you believe for the past couple of weeks. Just so I can get used to a daily blog. It seems to be flowing a bit better now. I’ll check out the blog calendar too.
Thank you so much.
Claire x