Blog or not to blog?!


So here I am…a nice new website with the facility to blog. It is something I have done in the past but should I, as a VA blog? Iv’e read many pros and cons for blogging and would be interested to hear what other VA’s think about blogging and about any successes and failures…


I haven’t, as yet… I engage in social media but not a regular blogger (although I am playing at vblogging - just not had the courage to post one yet online!).

I think a vblog is good as it shows your personality, and people can maybe see whether they could work with you from your character?


It’s great for SEO, you can include lots of nice keywords and it acts as an update for your website… But then if you aren’t putting up interesting content for your target market or it goes horrifically out of date, it could well put people off hiring you.

So I would say only do it if you have enough content (maybe practice writing a blog post each month and save as a draft, then you can post once you are confident that you’ll be able to keep up with it). Quality is better than quantity in my humble opinion, but there will be plenty of bloggers who disagree.

Did you take a look at the blogspiration service? societyofvirtualassistants.c … -products/ Might be an idea if you are struggling with content!


I’ve had a blog… and now I don’t. I removed it from my website because it was difficult trying to find something to say at regular intervals about what I do and the services I offer without ‘selling’. And it doesn’t look good if it’s not kept up-to-date.

I am constantly thinking about resuming, but still wondering what to say!


Yes blogging is hard, finding new content, not making it too sales orientated. I think i may write a few articles and such and then once I have a small stash schedule these for upload at regular intervals.

thanks to everyone who has commented :slight_smile:


I think blogs are great. I was thinking about running one. Weighting pros and cons at the moment.


I do try to blog…it doesn’t always work when you get really busy with work. Sometimes it ends up being a quick post on my facebook page, but I would definitely like to do more! Good luck with your blog :slight_smile: