Best things about working from home...


I’ll start us off…

Not having to go outside in the wind and the rain.
No dreaded rush hour traffic.
Being able to pick what I want to listen to on the radio.


Being able to take as many coffee breaks as I want.
Scheduling work so that I can spend time with my family.
Working the hours I want to.



For a minute there I couldn’t think of any then I realised it was because I’d been doing it for so long I’ve forgotten the stresses of ‘office’ working! So, dragging into my repressed memory here goes :slight_smile:

Being able to move my lunch break around so that I can eat with my husband (who works shifts)
Stopping to play with Lily (my dog) when she decides I’ve been at the desk for long enough
Re-scheduling tasks when a family emergency comes up and not having to beg for a few hours off to attend to them
Being my own boss (the best, although I am a bit of a toughie!!)



I had forgotten the loveliness that most people don’t get of having furry friends in the office! (Although mine seems to think it is HER office and I am merely there to switch on the heating for her!)


No traffic jams (most of the time)
No office politics to deal with
Can work to my own schedule

I love working from home!


To be around for any deliveries that may arrive! (My neighbours are not home by day so there was never anyone here to take in my parcels!)


haha - that is a good one Amanda!!!


Being able to pick my clients
No travel or office politics (usually!)
Being able to drop things and go for a walk if the sun is shining
Being able to do some of the housework (washing mainly) whilst working


No commuting/travel every day
Being able to choose the jobs I want to do
Being able to choose who I do them for
Being able to call a halt to the odd relationship that isn’t working for me
No politics
Still trying to train HenryCat to type rather than just sit on the keyboard - fail!


Not having to endure transport strikes!
Not getting caught in crazy rain storms when I’m not dressed appropriately for it.
Not getting squashed on over packed trains.
Paying for overpriced food for lunch.


Oh Alex - those are sounding scarily familiar… I’m whisked straight back into London tube hell!!!


Apart from a lot of what others have mentioned, it’s also rather nice to just get up and sit in PJs (onesie/dressing gown/comfies) to do work, rather than have to ‘dress up’ for the office. Makes life so less stressful in the mornings :slight_smile:

I once did a Skype meeting with 3 clients who were looking rather smart from waist up, but after the other people had gone from the call the remaining client stood up and showed me her jim-jams on the bottom half lol. I’d brushed my hair and put a bit of make-up on, but was also scruffy below the desk :stuck_out_tongue: Couldn’t get away with that in my last employment!!


Oh no, I have to be dressed or I wouldn’t be focussed!

For me, I love the freedom to take a break when I want, to go for a walk and get some planning or thinking time in, and I love being able to go to those daytime network meetings you couldn’t attend when you were tied to an office!

Most of all, I like the independence to decide who I work with, how much to work each week, and I can take as much holidays as I darn well like!


Being loud. I love to read documents out loud or sing along to songs. :smiley:


Apparently I talk to myself when I’m concentrating… It drives any office mates bananas. The cat doesn’t seem to mind!


Having the wood burner on in the winter and the door open in the summer rather than central heating and air conditioning (of course that extends to working in pyjamas and bathrobe in winter and t-shirt and shorts in the summer!) :wink:

Maria Starnes


I can have a nap when I am feeling rubbish! In a comfortable bed! and just catch up on work later on :slight_smile: