Best Practice and Good Ideas



I know it’s not very ‘British’ to big ourselves up. BUT… we who are doing well in our businesses have invaluable knowledge and experience to pass on. Is there room in the forum to have a Best Practice or Good Ideas section? Maybe it’s a bit anti-competition, but I’m ok helping other people by sharing how I work and the systems I use to make it work well. I initially thought it could fit in the ‘how to’ section, but this is very much a reactionary section to help people who don’t know How To… but if you don’t know what you don’t know, reading the ‘best practice and good ideas’ section could really help to improve what you’re doing. E.g. Using Google Docs for collaborative working, apps like Pomodoro to help focus and efficiency. Ways to beat procrastination, how to have more energy when you’re working etc etc etc.

Any thoughts? Is it general enough to fit in general?!


Eerily silent here… 213 views and no one has any comment to make on this?

Just looking for opinions, not commitment :slight_smile:



I think it’s a really good idea - after all in the ‘real’ world it’s the sort of thing that happens quite naturally. If we can improve standards of the industry by sharing best practice, then surely that is to the benefit of everyone?


Sounds a good idea Ed - I’m on maternity leave at the moment so I’m just popping by but certainly once I’m back at work, there will be a fair number of things happening!

Meanwhile - post up on the General section and we can do a mammouth thread?


:slight_smile: ok sounds good for now!

Maternity leave = sitting around with your feet up right? :wink:

(Don’t worry, I have a 2-yr old, I can just about remember what it’s really like!!) Hope all is going well :slight_smile:


HI, I have created a topic iwthin the ‘How To’ section called ‘Hints/Tips and Best Practice’ for now… hopefully that will be enough for now!