Best marketing?


Gasp am I included in that “people in suits” reference Caroline?? I hope not! Lol! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’ve had a bad experience though as for me my networking/business group buddies are friends as well as people I network with. They are my support and mentors in my business at times too. Certainly not superficial.

Totally get what you are saying though, as you do get people who go in trying to ‘sell to the room’ and only seem to be in it for themselves. Guess it’s horses for courses, like with everything you have to choose the marketing channels that suit you and your potential customers best. The important lesson for me is to test everything and analyse whats working and then stick to what brings you in the most business.


Definitely not - and actually I don’t think I’ve had my suit out since we moved house - so that’s at least 3 years!! TRIUMPH for wearing jeans!


I’ve only had a handful of clients so far but the top three have been through

  1. previous employer
  2. referral through someone I have worked with
  3. referral from a client

I’ve been to a couple of networking events and found them useful in terms of making me really think about who I am and what my business provides but as for generating work I’ve had dribs and drabs but nothing long term.


Hi everyone,

Great idea to share the experience.

  1. Research, prospecting and approach via direct message online
  2. Networking event locally
  3. Recommendation

I found the first one the most effective to get new business in.