Best courses for accounting software


Good morning fellow VA’s,

I’m looking to add to my services and wondered if those who offer bookkeeping would recommend any specific courses? I’ve looked into access and foundation awards with AAT in bookkeeping and accounting software but is there any training courses that are direct with the software that will allow me to offer the same?
Aware to do this I need to register for AML.


I have recently completed a course in Sage Accounting through an organisation called GoTrain .
I did this for my own personal accounting use as its not a service I currently offer but should I decide to offer it as part of my p0rtfolio in the future then it was certainly a good foundation course


Unless they also register you for the MLR, you might be better to do it via one of the other accredited orgs (the MLR registration separately is more or less the price of the membership, so it’s worth doing).


Thanks Jinty, sounds great I’ll take a look.


Yes I did wonder which would be most cost effective!


Just a heads up, supposedly AAT is best for those who work in a practice. For the self employed bookkeeper ICB is recommended.


If you want to learn more about the ‘cloud’ based bookkeeping software options, Xero and Quickbooks both offer online training which is free and gives you certification at the end of it. Xero also gives you a free account for you to use yourself for your own bookkeeping accounts. I’m cynically assuming this is so you act as an unpaid sales rep, persuading your clients to choose one option over another :slight_smile: This doesn’t replace proper bookkeeping courses & training, or the legal obligations as mentioned by others already, but it’s a good way of becoming more familiar with the software, even if you just play with it for your own accounts for the time being.