Best cheap (free?) software to track minutes


Sorry - I’m sure this will have been covered before.

What’s the easiest, most efficient and preferably free way to do this?

I’m sure I’m underbilling. A few minutes here, there etc. But they soon add up!!

Thanks so much.


Hi Adrienne,

I use Hours Tracker - it’s free but I pay the extra to ensure it sticks around.

I click in and out as I swap between clients.


Hi Adrienne

Many VAs use Toggl, which is really easy to use and free. I use Zoho for my invoicing which has a timer included and there is a free version for starting out.


Hi Adrienne

I use Toggl. It’s free and you can print out a pdf report of the time you’ve spent on a task for your customer.


I use toggl too. Find it very easy to use.


I use My Hours. It’s free and very simple to use if it’s just for one person.


Thank you everyone for your replies. I’ll do a quick search for the suggestions made and get one in place pronto. Great that there’s some freebies out there. For the stage I’m at, I think they’ll be suffice for now.


Hi everyone, i cannot find Toggl in my Microsoft store. i might be missing it, i found working hours app.



Did you have any luck finding the right software for you?



I use a pen and paper - or a little bit more sophisticated, we note the info straight into our CRM so it gets lifted straight into billing… But the timing itself I just note down times.


I’ve been using Clockify. Much more user friendly in my opinion than Toggl.