Beginner's Guide to Twitter


Hi everyone

Just to let you know, if you’re thinking of starting to use Twitter and aren’t sure where to start, I’ve written a ‘Beginner’s Guide to Twitter’ which is downloadable free from my website : -

You don’t even need to register to download it.

Hope you find it useful. It’s something I wish had been available when I first started using it.

Kind regards

The Organised PA


Hi Rona,

This is really comprehensive - I’m going to post it as a “sticky” in this section if that’s okay!



Hi Caroline

Thank you. More than happy for you to make it a ‘sticky’.

Kind regards

#4 … 745%29.htm

This is the new link to the Twitter Guide mentioned above!


Neither of those links appear to be working anymore.


It’s a tricky one because Twitter has moved so much in the last 2-3 years from where it was, which is probably why these links have expired.

Anyone got an up to date version please?