Backing up data securely off site



I am working my way through the standards at
and would like some information about backing up data securely off site.

Who do people use for this service and is it is something I have to pay for?

Thank you



Hi Toni, I’m new here but I believe backing up to the cloud is considered off-site. So the likes of Dropbox, OneDrive, Box etc.

I’m sure others will correct me if i’m wrong!


Thank you Emilie. I will look into that.


I use One Drive but my IT Support company also provide an additional backup service for a very low cost.


Hi Toni

I have Google Drive through Google Workspace, (formerly G Suite) and OneDrive through Microsoft. However, I also use Backblaze which was recommended to me by an IT contact to back up my pc.



Hi Izzy,

I use Google Drive and One Drive, and then a removable hard drive that is encrypted.



Thank you Keira, I will take a look at these.