Backing up data offsite as prerequisite to being an approved member


Hi, I have looked through the “Your Topic is similar to…” but couldn’t find an answer in those post discussion.

My business documents are all stored on Office 365 through OneDrive. My business related passwords are all on LastPass and my personal passwords are on 1Password.

There is no business related document that is only local.

In order to be an approved member, do I still need to arrange for a third party off site backup when Office 365, Google Drive and Dropbox has its own backups?


Hello, I am wondering the same thing? Did you find your answers? :grin:


I’ll be interested to know this too :blush:


The idea is that if your computer nukes, you have an offsite backup.

So why does this need to be offsite and not just saved onto an external hard drive? Well, if your computer gets stolen, chances are the hard drive will be sitting with the computer and get nicked too… Or if your house gets flooded or burns to the ground, you have the same issue about retrieving the data.

Why does this need to be separate from what you are using day to day? Well if Office365 goes down - and it does happen! - you need another way of accessing the data. It’s also a failsafe for if you get hacked and they delete one source of data… If you have a second back up, there’s a good chance you can retrieve the data because it’s not part of the compromised system.

Hope that helps!