Back to school!


How are we all finding being back to school? In Scotland, we’ve been back about 4 weeks now and I’m starting to get back into stuff - for the first week, I kinda vegetated! (Think the need to decompress was vital to productivity, so I didn’t feel that guilty after 5 months of juggling everything!)

I had a million things to do but my brain just couldn’t, so I embraced it and about a week later I slowly emerged from headless chicken mode into some semblance of a business owner…

So firstly, if you are feeling poleaxed, despite having the kids back to school - that’s normal!
Secondly, if you are further on, what’s on your To Do List???


Mine went back last Thursday and I got so much ticked off my list!


Did you manage to crack on straight away? I take my hat off… I literally sat and did nothing for about a week!


I have to admit I was thinking of just giving myself a break but I felt like I had too much to do. I took most of the weekend off instead though.


Thankfully I don’t have kids to worry about but I do have two elderly parents in their late eighties and two dogs who unfortunately don’t go back to school so juggling my time and attention is a permanent fixture but one i wouldn’t be without