Award nominations - have you asked for one?


Hi all,

Has anyone on here ever asked for an award nomination from their client(s)? Or perhaps politely made them aware they could nominate?

I wondered, if so, how you’d gone about it? What wording did you use in an email maybe?

I cringe at the thought of sending this kind of email/asking this kind of thing.

TIA, Rachel


Hi Rachel,
I asked a customer to nominate me for the first award I ever one. It felt better to be nominated than to nominate myself.
Client was more than happy to do it. The following year I just put something in my email signature that said along the lines of do you know nominations are open for x, if you’d like to nominate you can here and then the link. I didn’t get any nominations from that though!

Hope that helps!


Thanks Rachel :slightly_smiling_face:

I really want to send an email to current and previous clients about this but I just can’t find the words :woman_shrugging: I dont often email them from my business email address because I have my own email profile within their business so I don’t think using my signature would have any impact.


Do you need to be nominated? I tend to find that it’s easier to make the application yourself (so then you can say what you want to!) and then ask clients for supporting evidence/testimonials etc?

Less awards are asking for nominations due to GDPR - but given that I had an absolute clanger of a data breach from a big awards do this morning, I’m not sure they are totally up to date yet.

Also - please be aware there are quite a few awards scams doing the rounds at the moment - you “win” or are “nominated” but then have to pay £££ for your award - which is how they make their cash!


The award is Yorkshire VA of the Year which I won (jointly) last year after a self-nomination. I just felt a self-nomination two years in a row is a bit excessive perhaps @caroline ?


Oh I don’t think so! If anything it will demonstrate all the additional stuff you’ve added since last year - no one else will necessarily blow your own trumpet!