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@annread - I would be interested to hear how Jason replied and what you think. His article made he feel uncomfortable. As a business owner, I am not interviewed by potential Clients, nor would I want to work with anybody that suggested they should treat me like a human being even if I am a VA and paid poorly.

I would also welcome @caroline’s comments.


He’s American and they have v different hiring views - their employment laws are a lot more lax. And he’s talking about hiring offshore VAs and the issues that causes…

(We actually did some experiments a number of years back giving offshore assistants some tasks:

IMO it’s not the same thing as hiring an onshore VA, and therefore you need to do a lot more “live” tasks to check comprehension and reliability. I’m also not convinced the security and understanding of our legal system is as clear as it should be with the offshore VAs, so any task you give them has to be non data specific (e.g. research of publicly available info, anonymous number crunching etc).

It does have its place though - for example, an app built here might cost you £100k in developer fees, whereas in the Ukraine or India, it might only cost £25k, just because the cost of living is much cheaper.

Having said that, his idea of giving them small tasks to test them and then outsourcing those repeatable tasks is spot on.


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I think Jason is referring to those clients who hire cheaper overseas VAs via Upwork or similar platforms. As I read it he is reminding the reader to be respectful as I am sure there are people out there who don’t see the person at the other end completing the task as a human.


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I have no memory of doing this one but clearly I did (although they got my company name wrong! LOL!)


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