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Posted this on the group and thought might be useful here too - these are articles which you can send to clients as follow ups around using a VA:

Dragons Den James Caan - Saves 10 hours a week using a VA…/how-save-10-hours-week…

Does your small business need a VA?…/how-to-work-with-a-virtua_b…

10 Myths That Stop People From Hiring a VA…/

Chris Ducker’s Working With A VA Guide

SVA: How to work with a VA…/hiring…/

Ed Gandia on using VAs as a freelance writer:

Working from home worth £19bn a year:


Fantastic, thank you for posting them Caroline


And a new article from one of my fave business gurus (who happens to be a bit of a fan of SVA too, we get a mention in his book, The Wealthy Freelancer!), Ed Gandia:


wow this is great Caroline!! VA’s do not get enough credit so it’s great to see some articles like this! x


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Really helpful articles that are definitely worth reading. Thank you Caroline.


Forgot about this one:


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