Approved SVA status


Hello all,

I’m just about to apply for the SVA approved scheme. I can tick the majority of boxes but have a couple of questions:

Does anyone have an Acceptable Use Policy on their website that you’re willing to share? I have a Privacy Policy but it doesn’t seem to cover Acceptable Use.

Term & Conditions requirement, would this be a link to my standard contract or is it referring to something different?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Fran,

Acceptable use - you only really need this if you have interactive stuff on your site like blog comments or a forum…Stuff where members of the public can post their own content. It is a legal requirement for websites hosting self-generated content which is why we list it. It protects you as the publisher if someone posts something illegal.

T&Cs - yes, this is your standard contract. Basically the reasons we ask that it’s available online are:

  1. so we can check you have them easily; and
  2. so clients can compare like with like when deciding on which VA to use…

We found that T&Cs vary so much they can sometimes add extra costs onto hourly rates or be a dealbreaker with clients. e.g. charging for printing/phonecalls; insisting on 7 day payment of invoices; or not working with offshore clients etc.

Hope that helps!


It does, thank you. I’ll get my T&Cs uploaded then submit my application.


Hi ladies. I hope it’s OK to jump on this.

I’d also like to get Approved Status in due course. I’m getting my Terms of Business and Privacy Notice drafted by a solicitor in the new year, and will also need to look at an Acceptable Use policy. My website isn’t going to have interactive things, as per your comment above. In order to get the approved status though, do I still need to have an Acceptable Use policy?

Many thanks


My bad - sorry! I’ve just seen on a post of yours you say that this is only needed if it applies. So please ignore my previous post


Good luck with becoming Approved Adrienne x


Bless you - thanks Fran :crossed_fingers: Very best of luck to you and your business in 2019 too x


Just catching up Post-Xmas - yeah, it’s only if you have the interactive elements that you need this (it’s a legal requirement, not just an SVA requirement) but if you don’t have interactive elements, you already comply by default.