Any tips for maternity leave?


Hey guys, I’ve been a VA for a year now and I also happen to be pregnant… I’m 38 weeks at the moment and have done my best to get everything ready for some time off…

I have associates (and associate contracts)
I have prepped my clients and kept them informed
I have things organised in the cloud and also in my CRM system so associates can find what they need
Proper password sharing

Anything you can think of for a smooth transition to ensure continuity for my clients?

Any tips for a second time mama running a business lol?

Appreciate absolutely anything you guys can think of :heart:
Thanks x


I found doing a dummy run before I was off actually really helped. Firstly because it flings up stuff you’ve forgotten that they will need to know, but also because it let’s you finish stuff off and take your foot off the pedal a bit.

Book the childcare NOW!


Congratulations Sara, Good luck with the birth :footprints:


Congratulations Sara, feels like its gone really quickly!!! I’d say don’t be too hard on yourself (2 kids is hard work) but also remember the fantastically super organised person you are. All the prep you have done will ensure you are fine. If you have any wobbles I’m sure you will get through them but reach out to us all if you need support! Thats what I love about the supportive nature of the VA world, we will all have your back if you need us xxx


It sounds to me that you have covered most things. I think it is great what Caroline advised with the dummy run, as at least then you will know how it’ll work in your absence. Good luck with everything, that is a huge achievement to have been able to set up a successful business being a mum, to then continue whilst heavily pregnant and stay professional for your maternity leave - exciting times ahead. Good luck with everything :):smile:


Thank you so so much everyone :heart:
Yes doing the dummy run now whilst I’m still around, just changed systems over to 17hats which is proving to be best thing I’ve done in ages. I have set everything up so my associates can find everything easily!
And signing new clients quickly before I pop lol!!

Will keep you all posted :heart::heart:


Wow!!! Well it’s been ages since I logged in. Had the new baby, moved houset twice (was homeless for a month- long story haha) and now in the new house. For anyone looking back on this post maternity leave went fine. I was sooooo stubborn (and bored) and was working even in the beginnings of labour!! My client told me off for answering her emails!

I returned to work (unofficially) when baby was around 8 weeks old. I just couldn’t stay away. I worked so hard to build my business and was still socialising on social media, so the offers and clients were still trickling in. It’s important to note I have almost no retainer clients. just lots of repeat business (a smart VA would offer retainers to them all and structure it better!)

So I returned to work, Jan- now have been my best months ever. Having that little break did wonders. I am now at the dining table instead of my office (new house- need to sort an office out somewhere!) and with lots of collaboration with other VAs, and client work i am very busy.

Just goes to show that sometimes we are better at dealing with stress and deadlines than we think. I am busier than ever, with work and kids, and I have been doing lots of development as well and i’m somehow still coping.

If you’ve read until the end…

Thank you for all the support- and if you are a newbie hang in there, being a VA is great and very rewarding xxx


Well done Sara - and congrats on the newbie junior VA!!!