Any regrets or best thing I ever did?


Hi all,

I’m seriously considering setting up as a VA/book keeper, do any of you have any nuggets of advice, pitfalls, ‘def don’t do this’ comments or have you been happy with rate of growth, new clients & ‘best thing I ever did’ ?

Thanks in advance!

Claire :slight_smile:


Hi Claire,

No regrets what-so-ever. I personally didn’t offer bookkeeping as a service as it wasn’t a passion or a skillset of mine but lots of VAs do.

If you are not a qualified bookkeeper, do check out the MLR needs.

What questions do you have that we can help answer.



Hi Amanda,

Thanks so much for coming back to me, much appreciated & thanks for the heads up on the book keeping, I shall investigate further.

I suppose I just would like to know how you all got started, how you approach gaining clients, what platforms you use (e.g., slack, Gmail, MS teams etc)? I’m HR & EA qualified as well as formerly doing book keeping digitally so have a broad range of skillsets and although I’m working now in HR, I’m not convinced its a long-term thing simply because I miss the variety and the flexibility of working for myself.