Another VA from Kent! Hello :)


Hello fellow VAs.

I’m Emma from Tonbridge in Kent. I started my VA business last month (August) and I’m still finding my feet.

I have a strong background in Project Management, Operations, and Business Admin. My last two jobs were working for small businesses (less than 5 employees) so I have a good understanding of how to run a small business and what sort of support it it likely to need.

The story is, I have been struggled with my mental health since a child. Through medical intervention and self-management, it now only has minimal impact on my life. My coping mechanisms include being hyper-organised and having laser-focus on detail… which also help me be really good at my job :joy:

However, through the pandemic I found myself really struggling and it all came to a head earlier this year. My job was making me incredibly unhappy and was having a serious negative impact on my MH. After months and months of deliberation, I decided to quit my job. Thankfully, I have the support of my amazing partner and am very fortunate that he has offered to and is able to bear the load.

So here I am; going it alone and taking steps to build my business! My MH has already improved dramatically (despite the lack of income) and I’m feeling more like myself again. I’m here, and I’m ready to make a success of things.

I just need to find that all-important first client!

Wish me luck, folks! I’m looking forward to being a part of this community and getting to know all of you :slight_smile:



Welcome Emma - it can take time to find your first client (honesty moment here) but use this time to really network. To talk your existing network of connections, your linkedin connections, anyone that will listen really about what you are doing. First clients come from often the most unlikely source. This blog might help. And these in this category of blogs:

Good luck - exciting times ahead.


Thanks for the advice, Amanda! I am an avid reader of your blogs already :slight_smile: Yep, aware it can take some time - I’m fully prepared for it to take months, but always working towards today being the day! I’m optimistic in my heart, but my mind keeps me grounded in reality.
All I seem to be doing is networking :smiley: I’ve already met lots of new, lovely people, and I will continue to do so. I’ve had plenty of interest, just nothing tangible as yet. And yes, I am following up :laughing: (pre-empting, as I’ve read your blog on that, too!!) :smirk:



Good luck with your new venture. I found my first two clients via a website whereby you pay for the lead - I was very lucky but I don’t necessarily advise that route - very expensive and a lot of time wasters there.

I am only working part time hours, at the moment I have three clients and work 17 hours per week. I am looking to get my fourth regular client to boost hours up to 25 per week. I am still to set up my website and populate my social media but also need to be careful I don’t overwhelm myself. (I am a busy mum with a disability).

I do feel more confident because I am running my own business, and the freedom it gives me. Well done to you for recognising the best way of working for your own situation. I hope you get your first client soon.

Best wishes


Hi Emma. Nice to meet you. I’m further up north… in Beckenham where I feel I’m more Greater London and Royal Mail say I’m in Kent. I started my business 2 years back with Amanda’s VA Mastery Course, and I’m still finding my way around but I’ve found there’s so much support out there as a new business owner, and also on mental health… when you start going to networking meetings, you’ll meet quite a number of mental health coach… My local council Bromley is currently putting in effort to grow the local business community, and I came across this that may be of help to you :


Hi Jacquie, thanks for that. I’ve had a lot of people pushing me to use similar services in order to get clients (usually by the people that run them), but it’s almost always followed up with a horror story from another VA who has gone down that road and come a cropper in one way or another. Thankfully I’m incredibly cautious by nature, so don’t tend to jump feet first into anything without spending hours/days/weeks agonising over it first lol.


Hi Lilian, thank you. I know Beckenham well! I’m born and raised SE London (Sydenham) so I used to hang out in Beckenham and Bromley often. Although a city girl born and bred, I’m much more at home in the country!
I will check you your link :+1: