Allow other to join a my Teams meeting without me there


I’m assisting a team of people and creating meetings that I don’t need to attend without access to their accounts.

When creating Teams meetings I need them to be able to enter the meeting without me having to manually open the meeting at the start time for them to join. (I’ve already removed the lobby) How do I do this?



Hi Leighanne

Don’t know if you resolved this, I found the following which might help.

" use the meeting lobby settings to decide who can enter the meeting directly without being admitted from the lobby.…"

Best regards


Thanks Michelle,

I have already removed the lobby. So that’s not the issue (if only it could have been that easy :wink: ) I think the co-organiser feature that is in the process of being rolled out up to the end of May will be what I need and I’ll just have to open meetings ahead of the first attendee getting there and then leaving.

Thank you for your help though!