I have a query if any of you are registered through VA agencies.

These came up in a conversation the other day and were being used as a kind of backup support for when there are quiet periods in your own business.

I just wondered if anyone had experience with them and could go into some of the pros and cons. Especially pay rate as I know some pay really low hourly rates compared to a standard VA hour rate.

Thank you



I don’t know anything about agencies but I do know about associate work, and you could look into this first to build confidence on the VA industry and get an insight. Also take a look at the VA forums on-line and in the FB groups I am sure lots of people have asked this before - good luck :):smiley:



I do work with an agency but to be honest the pay rate is very low and the work is not guaranteed. My hours have fluctuated over the 3 months I have been there. My own business is picking up now so I have been able to absorb the reduction in hours but I think Keira is correct, working with other VA’s maybe the solution.

Good luck :+1: