Advice/Exciting times...i think


Hi All,

So pre COVID I was doing my nursing degree but that was put on hold due to having to shield. Work has been so amazing and gave me an admin role in the meantime.

I am due to return to my training in December and work has approached me about keeping this role full time. Admittedly they made it us as they went along but have realised that there is a clear need for the role due to the amount of work that I take on.

I do love it!

I thought I had made my mind up that I would continue with my training as my outlook was better and the travel would be better.

I mentioned this to my manager that understood but it is taking it higher in the ranks about me working from home as she sees no need for me to be in the office as I have worked from home for the past year now and just pop in the office on the odd occasion.

This has put me back to square 1 with what I thought I wanted!

Permenantly working from home would be amazing! i love the routine, I know where I am at and what i am doing. No, not knowing what I’m working as the rota isn’t out yet.

There are courses that work are happy to put me on to assist with my development so that is great. They are really really happy with me and my work. The pay would be the same as what i am on now but would be less than if i did my training but my SGVA would be the difference in money.

I would be able to plan my SGVA clients as i will know what i am working.

I hope all that makes sense - if it doesn’t then that is how my head feels. I really dont know what to do. I have worked so hard in my degree and almost done but with COVID its flipped everything up and now this job offer!!!

Advice or anything would be great :slight_smile:

Stef x


How far along are you with your degree?


I have about 8 months left if I step back on in November. It’s a 2 year degree


Hi Stef,

Only you know deep down what the best thing to do is.

From previous experience, you may never get the chance to complete the degree. You have invested so much time into this.

Could you stay within your current role part-time and work both?

Sometimes big decisions need to be made, which actually bring you better outcomes in the long run.

You now have the skills and experience to easily go back into that role or similar - but it would be harder as time moves on to complete a degree. A degree can also present so many different options in front of you.

I don’t have a degree, but if I had the opportunity to gain one then I would go for it.

Wishing you all the best :):smiley:

P.S it’s very different but I was successful for 2 x jobs at the same time, cabin crew and then a role in insurance. I took insurance as it was more than twice the salary, and wish I had given the cabin crew role a go. I would have experienced so much an I now won’t get that opportunity due to family etc. I am happy but I do always think about the fun that I could have had and would have no doubt been here too.


Thank you :heart: I have decided to take the role they have offered me.

I have debated it so much, reasons I came to were:

  • I like the 9-5
  • the opportunities available
  • know where I’m at
  • routine
  • I made the role what it is
  • COVID is far from over, especially at work
  • I know I can do university and would return
  • know when I’m working so if clients as for work I know I can do it

I love the old role but you:

  • work shifts
  • never know when your working
  • can’t plan
  • stress knanorher level
  • short staffed
  • no breaks
  • and I was grumpy as anything!!

There is pros and cons to everything. The support I have in this role is amazing!

Thank you for the advice :blush:


Hi Stef,

This is amazing, and I am sure it is 100% the right one for you. Good luck and like you say you can always fall back on the training/ degree when/ if you feel ready to.

But for now enjoy every second, it sounds amazing!


P.s Never live in regret, we make our choices at that time to get through, and this sounds like a marvellous one.


Thank you :heart:

Thats the other thing I’d hate to turn down the opportunity because I may lead somewhere better for me :blush:


Oh bless you - sometimes we have to say no to make way for a yes. So here’s to the future of SGVA. Looking forward to seeing you build and grow.


Hi Stef

I was going to suggest writing a pros and cons list but you’ve already done that and made a decision I see.

Congratulations in your role. It sounds like it would be a really good fit for where you are in your life right now.