Accounting with timekeeping function for invoicing included?


Hi Everyone

I wonder if you can give me some advice, I started up at the beginning of this year and i use Sage for my accounts and Toggl for my time keeping. Im have grown a lot over the year and am now trying to implement slicker process before it gets to manic!

Does anyone use a combined timekeeping - invoicing - accounting package? Ideally i want to log my hours and at the end f the week press a button for the billable hours to be converted to invoices and go into my accounts?

Am i asking for the the impossible, Freshbooks looks like its getting there has anyone else used them? or recommend anything else?



Hi Clare

I know what you are looking for… You want something that seamlessly records your time, then imports that into the accounts software?
There are some systems out there that do this (I think Infusionsoft is one of them) and a couple of American ones that come close (see Basecamp). But I’m yet to find something UK based that does it.

And I’m not sure I’d use it if it did - I actually think the act of checking the invoices as I create them solves a billion accounts queries before they hit the clients’ desks. I must admit I’d rather eat my own shoe than do accounts, but when I outsourced this bit of the business, I just found we had a huge spike in late bills and peeved clients.

Someone else might be able to suggest another solution though?


MinuteDock will connect with Freshbooks, QuickBooks (I love this) and Xero. However, MinuteDock is not free, nor is the connection to any one of these cloud accounts progs. I use QB online, and it would cost £6 a month for me to invoice using Minute Dock. So I don’t bother!

Hope this helps.



Harvest connects with Xero to combine invoicing. However if you also send a timesheet to your client with the invoice you would still need to export as a report and save as a pdf to attach.

Both Harvest and Xero are subscription packages.


Thank you for your suggestions, i will have a look at them, i don’t mind paying if its going to save me time i could be billing for!!


Xero looks ace if you don’t mind paying - they run free webinars to introduce you to the functionality of it and it looks amazing - integrates with Minutedock for timekeeping and your bank accounts for reconcilliation of invoices. Worth checking out.



I’m a bit late to this thread but it might be useful for others. We use Paymo which is quite honestly one of the most powerful tools in our business. It does project/task management, team comms, time tracking, client access and invoicing. You can create an invoice in a couple of clicks directly from the logged time.

We used it for everything until our accounts got bigger and required a more robust accounting software package, we now use Xero but invoices are created in Paymo and theres a built in integration that syncs the invoices straight to Xero - very easy!


Hi All,

Any advice or recommendations re Kashflow, Quickbooks or Xero would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

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I use QuickBooks Online and love it. I’ve tried Xero, which was OK, but peferred QB so went back to that. Whatever you do, don’t use Sage. Others may shoot me for saying this, but it’s been nothing but trouble wherever I’ve been, and when I offered book-keeping services I was called in time and time again to sort out the mess small businesses had got themselves into by using Sage. It is not user-friendly like Xero, QB, or Kashflow.


I’d agree - whilst Sage is the one accountants love (mostly because they are on massive backhanders from them!!) it’s a case of over-egging the pudding for a small business. And then user error because it’s so blooming complicated!