Acceptable Use policy



I was reading the thread about becoming an approved SVA VA.

An acceptable use policy (AUP) is to prevent people with malicious intent from misusing an system.

I’ve had them apply when I’ve logged into clients’ sites set up by their system administration. However, for my website there is no public (non admin) log in or similar as I don’t have anyone logging in to do things on my behalf.

I do have T&Cs for contracts, a privacy policy and cookies policy on the website, but was confused as to why most VAs would need an AUP.

Could you tell me where the guidance and recommendation came from please?

Many thanks!


Hi Wendrie

It’s for VAs who have comments on their blogs or other interactive elements like a discussion forum… It’s only a requirement if you have those things activated. It protects you if someone publishes something abhorrent on your blog and you as the publisher are liable.

It could also extend to if you have things for clients on there too - e.g. you might have downloads which clients can use in their own business, but the AUP might ban them from rebranding and selling as their own.


Ah that makes sense. There are comments on my blog but they’re moderated, and I do have freebies. But then I don’t even have those branded - maybe I should.

Interesting! Something else to think about, thanks Caroline :slight_smile:


I guess that’s why we have this stuff in place, it not necessarily anything you’d think about as a newbie VA starting out. Same thing with GDPR and having to have a mailing address on there + registering with ICO. Or having proper insurance in place…

No one tells you this stuff because (to a certain extent) it’s specific to what we do as VAs. And from time to time the legislation gets updated, and as we become aware of that, we share it with you guys so that everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet.


Very true - and thank you for bringing it to my attention.


Thank you for bringing up the topic of an Acceptable Use Policy.
When I read your comments, I thought about a client of mine who is working on a new side to her business, which would absolutely need such a policy. It made me reach out to her and ask ‘do you have such a thing in place?’ She did not - but, she has now!
Thanks again!


Loving that story - I do think it’s one of those things which most people wouldn’t even think about…


Thanks for this- I am sending in my approved UK VA submission and was stressing about it! X


The idea isn’t to catch people out - I promise! It’s to encourage more people to get the basics in place ASAP… Because it reflects well on the whole industry if we raise professional standards. So as far as possible, we help people get it right and there’s lots of help on the main website if you get stuck (or just drop me a line on and we’ll try and help!


Thanks Caroline!! It’s so important to raise standards!! X