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Hi all, my name is Hazel and I set up as a VA in October 2017 after many years of talking about it but the time just never being right!! So, last year I decided to go for it (nothing to do with turning 40 – honest!).

I am also working part time, employed on a fixed term contract due to finish in March 2019 as well as growing my VA work in time to take over from the part time work! My background is mostly Public Sector in Health, Education and Finance having worked in HR, administration and as a PA for over 20 years.

I am based in Dorset with my son and pooch, a wonderful place to live and work. I am looking to provide support to local businesses as well as grow the minute taking side of my business for Trustee Boards, corporate meetings and HR matters.

I am learning new things about the VA world and being my own boss all the time and looking forward to learning more!


Hi There! I’m Clare and I am just starting a VA Business - I will tell you more when I have set myself up. At the moment I am just about to look at the legal documents and information from KoffeeKlatch to ensure I set up correctly. Thank you for providing this great resource Society.