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How many people are actually getting clients from twitter/facebook? And if so, what techniques are you using - are you using particular keywords? actively building relationships? building up relationships with people who already follow you to take them closer to your business (via your website/email newsletter)?

Just curious because I’m seeing a slight change in how people are posting and wondered if it was just my links?


Caroline I don’t use Twitter - I have an account but just haven’t got my head around using it, however I do try and post to my business Facebook page regularly but sadly I can’t say that I have gained any clients through it.

I find that the old favourites of referrals and networking are still the best methods for me.

I am interested to see what the others think?


I gained one client form Twitter who I worked with for about 3 years but have passed on to an associate now. I don’t have the same amount of time to post to Twitter any more and have never had any interest from Facebook but again, time or lack of stops me posting.

I gain most clients through referrals and networking.


Okay - so some positive stories - who’s had clients via twitter in say the last year? I know some of you must have!


Sorry that I’m a bit late to this party, such a busy few weeks!

I use both Twitter and Facebook and use it more as a way to back up what I do in face to face networking, reminding people that I know what I’m talking about! I did get one client from Twitter at the end of last year but I had already met that person a few months earlier at a networking event but seeing me on Twitter reminded him about me.

I’m finding that the changes to Facebook and how few people are now seeing my posts, that is really a secondary tool for me. I’m really only there because people suggest I should be!


hm… interesting?


Hi, this is my first post on the forum although i have been a member for a while and I was looking around and this caught my eye.

I have gained 2 clients through twitter, but using twitter as a tool not a medium. I have a stream on hootsuite that captures my keywords and then if I see anything that could lead to possible work, I follow up with an email and introduce myself and the benefits of working with me.

Both of my clients were wanting to hire a part time employee, but when given the opportunity to outsource found that was a better fit for them.

I hope this helps


I would count that as getting them through Twitter, since that’s how you found their details. I think this happened a lot maybe two or three years ago, but from my experience it’s getting a lot rarer… I wanted to see if others were having the same thing.



I just wondered if Linkedin provided more of a professional approach for people now? I find Twitter seems to be getting more and more random ie; people just following anyone and everyone for a greater “number” reach rather than serious followings and followers. I’ve been getting followers who are simply wanting retweets for their own courses rather than seriously being interested in a common subject matter, Linkedin seems to be much more of a professional/executive networking tool although I can’t claim to have had any customers from either yet (very early days for me). Hope that all makes sense?!