6 Years as a VA and recently joined


Hi everybody,

I am somewhat embarrassed that I have been a VA for 6 years and have only just joined SVA. I don’t really have a reason or an excuse other than not really knowing much about SVA until recently.

So I thought I’d say Hi from Warwickshire.

Look forward to “meeting” you.



Hi Rachel :):smiley:


Hi Rachel

You are very welcome!

Just for marketing reasons, what made you join/where did you see us? I know it’s maybe not for everyone if they are doing their own thing… It’s great to have someone with a fair amount of experience join though - that’s fantastic!


Hi Caroline,

I’ve known about you for the last few years mainly through the SVA survey. Over the past 12 months I’ve worked quite a bit on updating my business and checked out SVA properly, liked and wholeheartedly agree with what you stand for so joined :slight_smile:


Great to know you found the survey useful!