27 Feb - FSB Cyber Crime and GDPR - Basingstoke


Why is everything happening on the 27th Feb?

Anyway, if there is anyone in the south who is not going to the VA Conference and thinks they might go to this conference, can you tell me what they say please?




Ooh, I was just coming on here to post re Cyber Security. So timely. I’ve no idea what else is going on on the 27th February, and I’m not yet a FSB member (hope to speak with them Friday), but I might be able to go. If not, then I ditto your request for a de-brief :grin:


FSB are actually @ the VA Conference so you’ll be able to pick their brains there anyway!


But the VA Conference of course :blush: :

You do not have to be an FSB member to join and the beauty of FSB is that they do not charge exorbitant prices for their events … they obviously understand that getting more people talking and thinking about these issues, is infinitely more important :star:

Fingers crossed someone will go and give us the most important things to worry about :slight_smile:


Ah ha. I remember seeing that post and your helpful summary last night. I’m going to dig that back out and have a look at it. If I could get childcare cover, I might come too